Headqurtered in the industrial zone of Agareb in Sfax. The SNCM is a limited liability company. The innovations and a 33- year experience enhanced Mr Jamel Bouaziz to take the initiative. The company is known for the metal construction, it provides its customers with a quality design and  manufacturing,  its commitment to offer a large range of cleanliness professional amenities to collect, pick out and recycle rubbish. These  amenities help to keep your enterprise clean.  It offers : household waste containers, plastic and  metal dustbins, caissons  and stocking tanks).

In addition, the company aims  to broaden its activities so that to meet the customers needs.

Thanks to its technical team,  who is eager to   succeed  and has a  considerable knowledge combined with deep industry experience, the  company has significantly evolved and is investing on a regular basis so that the products keep being   innovative and meet the needs of  the Tunisian and international market.

The company has a know how  quality that allows it to design and manufacture  a different range of products as far as the metal construction, mechanical engineering and boiler making are concerned.

SNCM provides its expertise and skills to meet your expectations.